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This approach  to dance has its roots in fundamental dance that is  interested in the body as functional tool for poetry 

























MATERIA is an evolutive choreography, which invites 15-25 professional and pré-professional dancers for a 5-10 days workshop to re-create and to perform the piece.

The artistic team includes 4 artists: Juha Marsalo and Caroline Savi lead the work with Roberto Leto (music) and Frédéric Moreau (lights).

The project has taken place in Caen, in Lyon and in Aubervilliers with success among the dancers and with the public.



creating a flow, an organic movement of the space    




































MATERIA is created through the way of working the dance we have developed in workshops and in the research sessions on Open Danse.

The participants will study the movement language of the company based on Open Danse through the transmission of the choreography in the workshop and they play active role in the creation of its new version.

MATERIA is about 45 minutes with live music and requires the technical needs exposed on the technical sheet.


Video link on youtube: 







The principal rule is:           



from the up stage to down, towards the public, the center of each dancer is actively involved in traveling forward.
This direction gives the global movement in space: the river, the circle, the flow of life.


The architecture of the choreography of MATERIA:































The building material of MATERIA:



'Stay low', 'One body-part leads', 'Manipulate yourself' are some of the floor-work tasks.

The tasks are basic and the interest is to create simple tasks that have the poetical strength to take over the exercise.

'use your flexibility', 'let the body find the solution', 'let go deep'

The challenge for the dancer is in the quality of his execution; to play with his limits and to seek creativity in his movements. 
































To go from one point to another the dancer must give every second a global and entire answer that is always a unique combination of movements


The choreography is not given or taught in a strict shape; each dancer is asked to find his movement in the frame of tasks.

There is not common shape, each body is different, each tool is personal, but they do have common functions and a structure. 















       We are attached to the idea

       of working through the transfer,

       moving through the space, to travel

       and find a body that doesn't act against itself.


      We talk about “corps disponible”;

       the readiness of the dancer to give continuity to the forces

       and the weight involved in the movement. 









MATERIA requires each dancer to be independent and connected closely to the group.


Open Danse is about working on each dancer's personal limits of skills and capacities.

In MATERIA he engages his person among the others; he creates the group that is a mass of individuals.


He is given the liberty and the responsibility of the choices in his personal and in the group movements respecting the architecture of MATERIA.


The work of Open Danse on the readiness of the body finds a new level of opening in the dancer's awareness to measure his impact in MATERIA. 



































The work is proposed to the professional dancers who desire to be inspired from our work called Open Danse and there is a possibility to include some not professional dancers into the experience.


The minimum group is 15 dancers and the maximum depends of the rehearsal and the performance space.

During the workshop the dance language of Open Danse is studied and a new choreographic proposition of MATERIA is created based on the structure already existing.


The rehearsals take place from 10am to 6pm daily for a minimum of 5 days. 



































With the interest of creating happening and circulation around MATERIA, we have proposed for students and professionals of photography, architecture and fine arts to open the rehearsals, as a possibility to study the body in movement. The results of their work have been shown in an exhibition during the evening of the performance.


The workshop 2013 in Aubervilliers was opened to the SPEOS international school of photography, art-center Camille Claudel and the School of Architecture Paris-Villette. 



















                                                               © Georg Zinsler



© Georg Zinsler

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